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Robert Douglas Aplin



Robert Douglas Aplin

Robert Douglas Aplin is a partner at Scott & Aplin LLC. He was born in Auburn, Indiana in December, 1973 where he lived until the closing of the Fort Wayne International Harvester Plant caused his family to relocate to Ohio in 1986.  He spent the balance of his childhood in Toledo, Ohio until he moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2005.  Mr. Aplin is a 1992 graduate of Sylvania Southview High School in Sylvania, Ohio.  He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Kent State University in 1996 and received his Juris Doctor Degree from The Ohio Northern University Claude W. Pettit College of Law in 1999.

Mr. Aplin is licensed to practice law before all state courts in the States of Ohio and Indiana.  He is also licensed to practice before the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.

Mr. Aplin has been a Mortgage Foreclosure Workout Facilitator as appointed by various Courts throughout Northeast Indiana.  Since 2010, Mr. Aplin has assisted numerous homeowners in Adams, Allen, Dekalb, Wells and Whitley Counties save their homes from foreclosure.  In the past, he has served as the Village Solicitor for the Village of Hicksville, Ohio in Defiance, County, Ohio and the Village of Melrose in Paulding County,Ohio.

Mr. Aplin concentrates his practice in the areas of collections, real estate and general civil litigation. Mr. Aplin has a particular interest in homeowner’s associations which he regards as the smallest and most important political subdivision in the State of Indiana.  He currently represents the legal interests of over 30 homeowner’s associations in and around the greater Fort Wayne area.  He is primarily assisted by Elizabeth K. Wilkinson, his administrative assistant and office manager.

Mr. Aplin resides in Huntington County, Indiana.

Mr. Aplin's Administrative Assistant is Elizabeth Wilkinson.